Thursday, December 19, 2013

Halfway Through the 12 Days

Through this process of giving, I'm finding one theme re-emerge.  Once you get started, it's hard to limit yourself to one person per day per gift.  The more I do, the more excited I get about doing more.
By saying that I'm really not trying to brag or say, "hey, pat me on the back, will ya?"  In fact, I hesitate to even blog about everything because it just feels like tooting my own obnoxious horn.
When I share these days of giving, I do so to encourage you, because I know how easy it is to slough it off and make excuses.  Which is really the reason why I write: to keep myself accountable.

Today we are on Day #6: Give a needy child a toy for Christmas.  

If you have children of your own include them in this giving.  Encouraging them to extend gifts to others and even give up some of their own toys for another child helps instill an attitude of gratitude and a mindset that says, "It's not all about me."

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