Who I Am

Kristin completed a B.A. in English and Rhetoric at College of the Ozarks with no intention of pursuing post-graduate studies. However, not a year later, she was enrolled in an intensive online M.F.A. program through National University in California. Upon completion, she started teaching composition and creative writing courses and found her sweet spot. Kristin absolutely loves the whole experience of tutoring and leading other writers--critiquing their weaknesses and helping them hone their strengths. 

Creative writing has always been a passion of hers. Since she could hold a pencil to paper, Kristin has been crafting stories and getting lost in the imaginative world. Although her thesis was a collection of short stories, creative non-fiction has shifted up her list of genre favorites. She recently completed a memoir for her mom, We'll See: Lessons from the Kitchen Table.  Not only does it communicate a truthful story, but it does so with the beautiful elements of fiction.  She's had a handful of articles published in various online magazines and is trying to get a couple children's books published.  As most writers, her goal is to receive a little recognition for her work, but she'll be okay if that day never comes.  

She facilitates the women's Bible study at her church, usually has a reading stack 4-6 books high, and adores the poetic style of Ann Voskamp and the honest wisdom of Lysa Terkeurst. She loves to mural paint, gets excited about a game of Spades, and really does live for walks on the beach... when she can manage to get there.  Hiking, kickboxing, and dance are cathartic, even if she possesses no raw talent to do so. And she won't ever turn down dark chocolate or Mexican food. 

Kristin makes her home in southern Missouri with her husband and three kids. 

About Me: the non-professional version

Full name: Kristin Leigh Hanley
Place of birth: Fort Worth, Texas (Dad was in seminary)
Marital status: for a decade now
Occupation: Regent University online creative writing professor, editor for Written Proof Editing LLC, homeschool mom
Education: B.A. in English and Rhetoric, MFA in Creative Writing
Church affiliation: Southern Baptist turned non-denominational (whatever that means)
Work history: waitress, secretary, personal chef, mural painter, tea-room cook, teacher,
Strongly dislikes: text abbreviations and please don't use your phone when you are with people (it's super-rude)... ahem, okay... black licorice, and all things sushi
Vices: dark chocolate, cinnamon rolls, and Jane Austen films 
Favorite recreation: hiking and kickboxing work-outs
Favorite season: spring (He makes all things new)
Take my coffee: with stevia and almond milk
On my bookshelf: Madeleine L'Engle, John Piper, Eugene Peterson, C.S. Lewis, Timothy Keller, Lysa Terkeurst, Ann Voskamp, Randy Alcorn, 
Favorite books of the Bible: (who could really pick, but yes, okay) James and Psalms

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  1. Um you are pretty much awesome. Just a reminder of why I love being your friend! Oh goodness and please forgive me if I've ever looked at my phone while we've been hanging out! That is totally rude! Love you girl 😘