Monday, May 7, 2012

INspiring and Equipping

Sunday morning our executive pastor of family ministries spoke on the vital importance of parental involvement in the lives of our children.  Most parents place far too much emphasis on the role of the church in raising godly men and women.  Our children are with the church approximately 40 hours a year, compared to the outstanding number of hours we have to spend with them, investing, teaching, training, speaking truth.

Josh's message was not only convicting but motivating.  I felt ashamed at how little time I invest in my children's spiritual understanding.  As I was praying for Maddie last night, I told God that nothing was more important to me than to see my children come to Him.  And He gently pricked me, "If that is your deepest desire, how is it you spend so little of your time leading them to me?"

The old logo mantra came to mind, "Just do it, Kristin." Quit putting other things ahead of it.  Quit making excuses.  Get in the habit and just do it!

My desire is to spend as much time and passion teaching Maddie to read and write as I do the things that are going to grow her spirit toward God.

Time is short.  Only God knows how long, but when I pray for little 4-year-old girls like Natalie, battling a life-threatening brain tumor, I have to pause and catch my breath.   I don't know that I'll have 18 years with my kids.  I have today and I have this moment to pour life and truth and love and God's story into their hearts and minds.

May God continue to equip and inspire me.

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