Thursday, May 10, 2012

loving well

He will tend his flock like a shepherd;
     he will gather the lambs in his arms;he will carry them in his bosom,    and gently lead those that are with young. Isaiah 40:11

I'm always so encouraged by Ann Voskamp's words.  If you read blogs, hers is definitely one to put at the top of the list.
In her latest posting, she talks about the fear associated with motherhood--investing in the souls of babes.  It can be a terrifying experience, and yet, what higher calling is there really?   At one point, she stops and says: "Relationships cost.
It’s not that you aren’t going to blow it. It is what you do with it, when you do.
Perhaps there was something more powerful to experience than a perfect Mother: the wonder of a committed Mother who simplyhumbles herself."
How reassuring to know that mothering well isn't about doing it perfectly. After all, there is only one perfect Parent.  It's about humility before God, seeking His face, His wisdom, His leadership, His power and never letting go of loving our kids, praying for them, and ministering truth to their lives.  

So thankful for a mom that was and is that for me and my brothers.  She's committed to relationship and committed to loving her family well.  And now, more than ever before, I can appreciate what that kind of love and commitment takes. 

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