Friday, April 20, 2012

these moments

My days are lightly constructed these days, shaped by long hours in pajamas, toys littering the floor, and hermit-like isolation. If I manage to keep the kids well-fed and clean and I can respond to my students' emails, I applaud my accomplishment.Yesterday I managed to go all day without puking and even mopped the kitchen floor!

I am acutely aware of the inner workings of my stomach, and despite my desire to chuck all food over the precipice, I have to eat at least every two hours--mostly gross amounts of meat.

Cinnamon gum is my new best friend and my husband has turned into Super--Everything-to-Everyone.

Although I detest this phase of life that must be in order to bring life, I am grateful for what it teaches me about what matters most.

It's slows me down... brings my perspective in acute focus (some times zooming in too much). It lets me realize that all the hurry and worry of what normally overwhelms my life just doesn't matter.

I recline with the kids more, listen to their tales, and read stories.

Will I be ready to move on? Oh, you can bet on it! But I know that God has me in these vulnerable places of reality to remind me of who I am (regardless of what I can do) and what is really important.

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