Tuesday, March 20, 2012

book giveaway

I'm going to give away another book soon, probably at the end of the month, but I'd like to hear a little feedback from you all--just to know my audience a little better (If I can presume to have one). :-)

First off, what book(s) has influenced your life the most? I realize that question can raise a brow--after all, who could narrow it down... unless we all say The Bible. God's Word would, of course, be at the top of the list, but here are a few of those powerful reads that have changed me.

The Robe -- Lloyd Douglas
One Thousand Gifts-- Ann Voskamp
Same Kind of Different as Me--Denver Moore and Ron Hall
Gift from the Sea--Anne Morrow Lindbergh
If God is Good--Randy Alcorn
Sacred Parenting--Gary Thomas
A Mother's Heart--Jean Fleming
Calm my Anxious Heart--Linda Dillow
Safely Home--Randy Alcorn

This short list came off the top, but numerous others abound. How about you?

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