Monday, December 14, 2009

Tuesday Trips: Branson Life

Although I live in a tourist town, thankfully, I am about twenty minutes outside the hub, and therefore, I don't' have to deal with the Texas cowpokes and Oklahoma gaukers (Yes, those are the two worst states) on a frequent basis. Kansas is not too great either, but I don't fault them; they just aren't used to curves in their roads, bless their hearts.

I realize that when I get behind blue hair, I'm going to be about five minutes late, but I guess that's a small price tag for our economic stability. But really people, do you not realize that map reading is done on the shoulder, not in the middle of the road? And is "right on red" just a Missouri thing? Surely not.

Being aware of these driving peeves, I try to avoid being a tourist when I go on vacation or travel for the weekend. Sadly, Aaron and I are directly-challenged; together, we are a local driver's nightmare. I cringe when I make the same faux paus tourists. But, I think I have managed to avoid these typical blunders. How about you?

Does the sun set every night?
Are the Amish in season?
How long is a one-day pass good for?
What time does the 9 o'clock ferry leave?
How many miles of undiscovered cave are there?
Why is the CLOSED FOR CLEANING sign on the rest room?
When do they turn off the waterfalls? (at Yosemite Nat'l Park)
How come all of the war battles were fought in National Parks?
Why don't you have better marking in the places where trails do not exist?
Is that the same moon we see in Vermont?
Why don't you have more signs saying to keep the area pristine?
How much does it cost to mail a letter to the U.S.? (from an American tourist in Hawaii)
If it rains, will the fireworks be held inside?
Will I need my passport when I get off the ferry on Nantucket?
What is the altitude? (on a boat passing through the fjords of Alaska's Inside Passage)
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Hopefully, these little trip diversions gave you pause to smile. Any humorous travel stories you want to share? Come on, don't be embarrassed. :)

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