Saturday, December 12, 2009


Today, I have spent the majority of my time with my butt numbing itself against this chair, going foggy-eyed in front of computer, grading, grading, writing a little, blogging, and grading some more.

Although I had a great day yesterday, browsing with Mom and Maddie at the Grand Village, and watching Twilight with my husband last night (oh yes, we did--I think I'll have to read the book now to find out what all the hype is about), I am disappointed with today. Why? Well, it just boils down to expectations. Even though today is no worse than any other day, it is really no better either. And I have this uncanny desire to actually receive down time on Saturday. Hmm... realistic with my current position and status as mom? No. Not really. But I can't seem to get that in my brain. Today is not yesterday. Two years back I could take Saturday off; I worked part-time and I didn't have a child. But today is today, and I have to remember that. As a wise person once reminded me, your best today is different from your best a year ago--it is always changing. Learn to go with it; adapt to the change.

So today is today. And today is a great day.

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