Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Who I am to you

I've been thinking a lot about love--God's love--and how it so deeply connects to our identity.  When we don't understand the simple yet profound truth that God loves us, we fail to see who we are and why we are here.  When we don't understand that foundation, the house we build with our life's work is off the wrong blue print.

I think it's easy for us to criticize Eve; after all, she did have the perfect life and she just threw it away!  For what?
For a lie really, a mistaken identity. Satan questioned who God was. Was He really trustworthy? 
And because she doubted God, she lost sight of her purpose as well.

Disconnection to the Father seems to result from a mistaken identity.  When we don't accept who God is and who He says we are, we doubt His plan and create our own idea of what is true.  Sadly though, our ideas don't take us anywhere beautiful.  They only lead to a facade, and broken, we must return to the ever-loving, ever-faithful Father and ask, "Who am I again?"

Watch this.

But what would we look like if we really believed this phrase: God loves me.

GOD loves me.
God LOVES me.
God loves ME.

He doesn't just tolerate me.
He doesn't just use me.
He doesn't need me.

He wants me because he loves me--ever patiently, gently, and sacrificially.

He dances and sings over me.  Remarkable.
The Creator of star beams
The Carver of mountain peaks
The Painter of sunsets
The Master of all lords
      chooses to love me.

What would we think and do and act out differently if we really grasped that overwhelming grace?
For one thing, I don't think we'd settle for lesser loves if we rested sure in His love. Perhaps we'd demand a little less and give a little more.  Maybe I'd focus more on communicating to my children, "let's love the One who loves you most," not just "let's fill your head with knowledge."

Maybe I wouldn't over-analyze my husband's motivates or care so much about the extra flabby pounds posing as saddlebags.

Maybe I'd have more courage and less fear.

So, I'd say NO to evil and wear God's love like underarmour, protecting my heart.
I'd say no to abuse and apathy and manipulation, and I'd recognize that what God says of me and calls me to do is my first mission.

I'd jump over more barriers, because I'd be able to say, "I am loved by the King and I am valuable.  He's given me a mission and will equip me to follow through with it."
Anyone or anything that sidesteps that truth or suppresses it needs to be dismissed.

I John 4:19 "We love because he first loved us."

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