Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day 1: Let the Giving Begin... and Never End

Here I am: 12 days before Christmas and ready to start a new tradition of giving!

So, since this day's giving challenge is "giving a gift in secret," I'm not going to share any details about my personal experience, but I will share this inspiring story with you.

Christmas Angel
When Delwyn Collins was a kid growing up in the projects of Fort Worth, Texas, he was labeled handicapped with a learning disability and sent to a special education school. His teachers never suspected that Collins was a genius at caring: Today the 52-year-old cafeteria worker at Tampa General Hospital is nothing less than an angel to hundreds of foster children in Hills-borough County, Florida. These children—many with special needs and often moved from home to home—tug hard at Collins’s heart. Christmas 2010 will mark the 21st year he has set up a Foster Angel’s Giving Tree decorated with paper angels bearing the first names, ages, and gender of foster children and the gifts each child would like to receive.
Collins is a man of modest means, but each week he sets aside a portion of his paycheck to buy gifts to put under the tree. “I just want to show these children there is somebody out there in the community who loves them.” His unpretentious example has inspired the doctors, nurses, and administrators he works with to make the Giving Tree a priority. Hospital employees and visitors take an angel off the tree and buy the present the child has requested.
As Christmas nears, bicycles, dolls, clothes, and video games begin to overflow the cafeteria. In recent years, the program has begun to receive presents from donors throughout the county. More than 1,000 kids in foster care in and around Tampa received gifts in 2009. “My job is to help and give to others,” says Collins. “God doesn't care if we’re rich or poor.”  Read more here

Jump in, if you dare:

Tomorrow's challenge is to give an extra-long hug.

Day #3 (Monday): Give everyone you meet a compliment or a sincere word of appreciation. 

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