Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thankful for 60

So thankful we're not looking at snow right now. I have the windows open, and the sun is streaming a gentle 60-degree breeze over my face. Sorry to those of you who really love winter (ahem... my husband), but this summertime gal loves me some springtime weather in January.

Maddie and I had a McDonald's lunch date and I actually got hot sitting in the van--HOT! Can you feel my enthusiasm? It's days like these that keep me motivated to hang on for April.

So blessed by the sun. So blessed by my devotional time with Aaron last night. So blessed by the women's Beth Moore study group at church this morning. SO blessed by the free babysitting at church. So thankful for walks, red wagons to pull kids, juice boxes, and nap times. So thankful for time to reflect and write and think and be.

So thankful...


  1. One of my all-time favorite things is very simple. It's what I call "Sunday Sunshine." You know, that warmth that filters into your car while it sits in the church parking lot. You climb in after the service and SOAK IT UP! (in July and August the heat might be a bit stifling, but through the other months it is pure delight to me)

  2. So true, Amy. I know exactly what you are talking about--it is pure glory.