Monday, January 9, 2012

Living it Out

Lifelong friend criteria:

Knows you pretty darn well.... and loves you anyway.
There when you need her
Listens and "gets it"
Helps you clean up after a verbal vomit
Forgives quickly
No awkwardness--just pick up where you left off

I've got a few blessed friends who are just that. Here's two of them. And one dear girlfriend, front and center, acted out of selfless love this morning. Despite her crazy schedule, her already busy life taking care of three kids, she came all the way out to my house, picked up Maddie and took her home with her. Just so I could have a break and get some work done. She didn't say, "Let me know if you need help"--she just did it--living our her faith and speaking my love language. It was a huge gift! Thanks, friend.

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