Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bringing a little warmth to winter

Today I was scrolling through my emails and this advertisement for Better Homes and Gardens magazine popped up. I didn't order the magazine but I saw this photo and thought it was a brilliant craft idea--and I'm not a huge craft person.

I needed a little sunshine--everything is so drab outside--and thought it would be a great gift idea. Yes, it takes oodles more time than buying flowers, but they are unique and they'll last. The directions on the website are insufficient so let me clarify a few tips.

First, find an old book and start ripping out pages. Yes, it will feel awfully sacrilegious, but it adds a vintage dimension to the flowers. Use acrylic paints (thin down with water) and cover the paper front and back. After it dries a little, but before it is stiff, crumple the paper and then shake out and let dry. Cut out petal shapes (you're going for a guitar pick or shallow heart). Curl and bend and glue the ends together. I haven't done it yet, but I think I'm going to use green pipe cleaners, shaved and painted a darker green, and hot glue them to the rose.

You can put them in a vase for your table or give them away. They make a beautiful and lasting gift.


  1. Too bad you couldn't use a phone book. I wouldn't bat an eye at tearing that thing apart. I'd probably have to go buy a $3 book that sounded awful...and then tear away!

  2. Yeah, it was an old book (garage sale purchase) and it wasn't too hard. I think a phone book would be too thin to hold up under the paint though.