Monday, December 5, 2011

Getting in the Spirit

Although I'm not an overly traditional person, when we get to this time of year, I love to rummage through my sentimental bag and pull out every tradition that brings me closer to the Christmas spirit.

As a child, we always had a little flip Advent calendar that took us through Luke 2 and brought us to the birth of our Savior. A friend of mine recently made her own and I was surprised at how fun and easy it could be. If you don't already have one, I'd encourage you to do the same.

This year, I purchased a Charlie Brown Christmas. I'm sure you've seen it, but if it's been awhile, take a half hour and refresh those nostalgic memories. Linus has a beautiful monologue at the end that will bring you back to the true meaning of Christmas.

If you're anything like me, aromas can conjure up feelings that the other four senses won't. This one I learned from my mom. It's natural, easy, and cheap, and it makes your whole home smell festive. Take the peeling from an orange you've just eaten and throw it in a small pot of water. Add a teaspoon (or less) of cinnamon and simmer.

And lastly (for today), get on Etsy and look up homemade ornaments. Figure out how to make some of your own, or better yet, support a local crafter. Here's one to check out--made by a family friend.

Of course, you need to put on some Christmas music while you are decking the halls.

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