Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And Yet I Will...

Praise You.

This morning I was checking my work email and the Bb discussion posts. My students have access to a Prayer Forum Board where they can request prayer from me and their fellow classmates. I've mentioned my dad's cancer and requested prayer for God's leading and will to be accomplished.

I have one student in particular who has come along side me and diligently checked in and prayed. But it's not what you'd think. This student is my parents' age, and she has her own set of issues. In addition to dealing with Parkinson's, this woman has been taking care of her husband who has eye cancer. Not only has he lost some of his sight, but he'll have to undergo surgery over Christmas time.

Yet she hasn't complained and has only told me when I asked. She encourages me to keep looking to God and remember his grace and faithfulness. She doesn't promise a God that will let us "name it and claim it"--she's too wise for that. But she does remind me that God is good, whether we see it or not.

I'm blessed by the faith of a fellow sister--a relative stranger before these past few weeks--but someone I will spend eternity with.

And through this whole process of hope, struggle, disappointment, and acceptance, I'm learning that God has a plan that is outside my control (so thankful for that).

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