Monday, August 22, 2011

Peace comes through Thanks

Unless we make it a habit to give thanks, we habitually give our family grief.

Unless we consistently speak praise, we consistently speak poison.

Unless we are intentional about giving God glory throughout the day, our days unintentionally give way to grumbling. ~Ann Voskamp

Check out Ann's blog. It's five minutes well spent.

I start teaching again today, and I'm reminded about how choice brings peace.

I can chose to gripe and focus on the negative and rob myself of joy... still completing the task but with a lack-luster attitude. Or... I can chose to rejoice that I have a job--any job--and a job that keeps me home with my children--who are sanctifying me--and a job that helps pay our bills, and a job that I LOVE.

I'm not especially enthused about spinning another plate, but all my plates are intentional and good. And I'm not saying yes just because. I'm saying yes to my good. I'm saying yes to blessing from His hand.

And so, as I reach for peace, I open my hands and reach up in thanks. Thanks for this time, this moment, this life of training, this hope for the future (eternity forever with the Lover of my soul), and a chance and chance to glorify him at every turn.

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