Monday, August 15, 2011

Mellow Monday

Confession: I don't enjoy routine. Mondays always get me down. And although I love our home, I'm not a big homebody. Perhaps if I worked outside the house, I would be more so. My two-year-old doesn't like to be home either. It doesn't matter if she's been gone all day running errands with me, she never wants to come home. Perhaps it's because home is where discipline occurs more steadily, and sleeping takes place, and well, let's face it, where Mom is just preoccupied with tasks.

Yesterday I had to tell Maddie that life is not one big party and the sooner she learns and accepts that, the happier she'll be. And then I thought, "Have I accepted that?" Have I come to love and appreciate the mundane, the monotonous tasks that must be completed over and over again, the routine? Sadly, no. Despite my love for checking tasks off the list, I don't enjoy being home with my kids every day. I realize my attitude is all about perspective and gratefulness, but the honest truth is that, sometimes, I just get tired of being a mom.

So Mondays are days of catching up, cleaning up, and assessing my attitude for the week. Am I going to resign myself to the mellow Monday blues or am I going to choose joy? Despite the circumstances, attitude is always in my control.

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