Friday, August 27, 2010


Today I am happy... today I'm not just choosing joy, I feel it.
In part the 8 hours of sleep sure didn't hurt,
nor does this delicious weather,
or the wink of the weekend,
and the hope of fall.

But today I'm happy, just because I'm alive and soooo very blessed beyond dreams and content, really content with life.

My sweet daughter (although the last few days have been miserable, rebellious toddler times) has learned the word "happy," thanks to the efforts of her grandparents. One afternoon while I was getting a haircut, she just decided to make the word work out of her mouth. It's the cutest version of the word I've ever heard. And when she says, "happy," which sounds a little closer to "hoppy," I grin and sometimes laugh (especially if she repeats it 10 times).

And I wonder...

Does God smile and laugh when we choose to just say, "God, I'm happy. Thank you"? I wouldn't doubt it. For when we choose an attitude of gratitude and walk in joy surely the Father smiles and says, "Yes, I don't want you to be grouchy, rebellious, and miserable. Thank you for choosing my attitude."

So if you're happy and you know it, then let your face surely show it. And let Him know it too.

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