Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Depression and anxiety have been frequent--and unwelcome--intruders throughout various stages of my life. Speaking truth to myself helps alleviate the fear and apathy, but turning my heart toward gratitude makes it nearly impossible to focus on defeat. Saturating your thoughts with thankfulness will inspire you to see your life in a different hue. So, let me encourage you. Take time to thank. Start a list and keep it up every week, especially when you are feeling discouraged or overwhelmed. Complaining becomes quite the challenge when you are thanking God for all He has done and all that He is.

I have a book entitled, 10,000 Things to Praise God For, and it just lists nearly everything you could come up with to praise God for. So, take ten minutes and write out a list of your own. Hopefully my short list here will inspire yours at home.

*God's presence
*overstuffed couches
*fellow Christians in China
*the ability to see
*library books
*a child's first Christmas
*freedom from guilt
*strong bones
*snowflakes that cling
*pumpkin pies
*soft cotten T-shirts
*God's raising us up on eagle's wings
*maples trees in autumn
*free refills
*light for darkness
*time to stroll
*potluck dinners

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