Friday, December 2, 2016

A Weekend Exhale for December

Christmas wonder carries children to a place of mystery and excitement, more than any other time of year. Families draw closer, and share traditional recipe delights, and sing songs of cheer and toast one another in blessing. Does the simple take us to the profound?

Christmas teaches us the joy of simple pleasures: cutting out gingerbread men with children and watching a black and white movie we've memorized decades ago. And giving gifts to children who may never receive one, and crafting popcycle sticks and felt and glue to make something "special" for a grandparent. 

Yet, so much more than the traditions and gifts and gathering, we pause to remember and reflect.

Just what was it like to come down to life here and be born in a cave? My youngest was playing with his nativity set this morning and asked me, "Mommy, why was Jesus born in a tomb?" A tomb. A cave for animals foreshadowed what would come 33 years later. A cave for his precious body, newly born and newly resurrected. 

And we are the ones that come to the tomb cave and say, "Praise you; though You are nothing here (a baby born into obscurity), You are the Something we all need. Though I am nothing, you are making me something." 

Here He is, and here we come. Oh, come, let us adore Him

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