Friday, November 11, 2016

A Weekend Exhale

After this week, we need to share a little more love, peaceful perspective, blessed hope, and some escape to just exhale and remember, God's got this.

Come and saunter through Stefan's work and exhale.

Over 16 million people served in the U.S. military during WWII. I'm thankful to all the troops who continually forfeit their lives to secure the safety of others. But, since both of my grandpas--now in Heaven--served during WWII, I'm a little partial to veterans from that war. What incredible feats they overcame. They truly were the greatest generation. 

Jean Gerard Leigh 
To the brave men and women, I thank you.

Watch  a story that will move you to love and cherish those around you. Everyone needs someone to say, "You are valuable to me." 

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