Monday, June 27, 2016

In a World of Bad News, Something Good to Hear...

My husband and I dropped by Barnes & Noble after our date Wednesday night. The smell of coffee and fresh-bound paper always allures us in, and as Aaron skims his favorite sections, I find myself in the clearance aisle or the children's books. That night though, I decided to peer through the periodicals on writing. I don't recall which journal supplied the information, but the overarching theme of the month was marriage and--more specifically--divorce.

Apparently, a new trend has risen to the top of the creative non-fiction genre, and it's called "the divorce memoir." The grief of such an acclaimed new sub-genre made me want to cry or throw up. How sad that we are now writing for--celebrating and exploiting through publication--the decimation of marriage. I also uncovered that many states allow people to "earn" their officiant privilege by taking an $11 online certification course. Excuse me?

Originally, I thought I'd write about the growing trend to celebrate what's broken. After all, you see the rebellious idea everywhere, a decimation of the traditional moral structure of our culture. But then I started thinking: sometimes we don't need more discussion about what isn't right in this world (for that assaults us more than it should). Sometimes we need to be reminded that people are choosing to follow God's ways. They are listening, responding, and walking out in Christ's love.

We need more celebration of what is right, of what is beautiful, of what is restored and redeemed. Where can we look to see God's unveiling work?

About a girl...About a God.

Jennifer's story of discovery: 

A lesbian's story of change.

Kim's story of alcoholism and inner turmoil: what happens when you humbly confess, "I have a problem and I need help." The loving hands of Christ mirrored in your spouse invite you to a better way.

The captivating beauty of The Gospel is that it is good news. We aren't just told of our broken selves and left with fatalistic answers (get pleasure, that's all that matters OR live for today for tomorrow you are worm food). No, we are given an Answer too, a cure, a remedy for our dead souls. And here we stand renewed--dry bones come to life--all because of The Good News come down to Earth taking our death and handing us the keys to eternity. What GOOD News indeed!

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