Monday, April 4, 2016

for the fun of it

Most of my posts involve something spiritual--I guess this one does too, in a way--but not with the more heavy, discipleship tone to it. I'm often too serious for my own good: it's my driven personality and my guilt-prone nature to excel, and in part, it's because this world is just so weighty and broken. 

Beth Moore talks about a time her mom came to listen to her speak (after Moore had been doing her think for a few years); tentatively she asked about the event, wondering what her mom would think of her "talk". Her mom said she did fine but that she "used to be more funny." Beth Moore told us it was often harder to "be funny" when there was so much to talk about that just isn't funny. I suppose I can relate. 

But, humor and joy and light-hearted moments are never a waste of time. Our ability to laugh and delight in the world around us--regardless of what catastrophe we are facing--demonstrates not apathy but a deep trust in the One who has "got this." 

Lately, I've been blessed with a more elevated spirit. Despite the unchanged circumstances of my life or the mundane duties I have to fulfill, I can relax and find little rays of happy. What a good gift from God! (James 1:17)

These little moments don't have to be much, but they're opportunities to push pause and watch what's going on around me. 

To take my daughter on an impromptu date to Lowe's and Starbucks. To ask questions and listen...and speak encouragement. 

To throw rocks in the lake and feel the lifeblood of sun pouring over our skin. To hear laughter over waves and questions over flowers. To be surprised by pink and red and white in a wood of brown and green.

To have spontaneous dance parties and hear little girl giggles and make silly faces for the camera. 

To make cookies and smoothies and read a Bible chapter together and see the excitement of something "clicking" with understanding. 

To be able to rest in the peace of knowing even when a child slams a door in anger or screams in frustration...
To be able to grade essays with twenty interruptions...just because they see you on the computer. 
To be able to smile over spilled juice or broken dishes or pee on the bathroom tile...again (*sigh*).

Because as my mom so often reminds me, these are the sounds of life (good and bad) and they will change and pass before I realize it.

So, today I am choosing to be a sponge--delighting in what good spills all around me. It's closer than you think. 


  1. Well said Kristin. Those sweet years of childhood definitely slip by like the wind.

  2. This was a wonderful reminder this morning! Thank you for posting :)