Tuesday, February 23, 2016

wrestle us and win

I can hardly stand to read the news...and watching a debate? Please.
It's nauseating. The pride of men, the arrogance of our pampered and
ignorant people. Since when were we entitled to "free" anything?
What happened to working? What happened to giving to another
without big brother government serving as middle man? What happened
to understanding our identity as we are born, as we are set with people
in our care, families, husbands, friends, children? Since when did we
demand the right to think only of ourselves and no one else? How do
we rewrite who we are? Such confounded arrogance applauded as self-
discovery and confidence. Please.

Watching politics used to infuriate me much more than it does now. I
still get frustrated, but not because people are failing to meet an unrealistic
expectation--no person or party is going to save us; because they are so far off the mark from where they need to be. 

Sometimes I genuinely wonder, how does God continue to watch us--myself included--in all our puffed up "glory" and not snuff us out? How does He continue to give time to us when He sees the ravaging, trafficking, slandering, neglecting, and overall, putrid self-absorption. 

The Bible tells us that He continues to wait because He doesn't wish for one to perish. 

The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance
       2 Peter 3:9

He gives us the free will to listen and accept His lavish grace and abundant eternal life, or He gives us the option to turn away and say "no, I'll figure it out myself." Thanks, but no thanks.

A friend of mine recently posted on FB about an experience she had in college. She was visiting some friends and drove to their apartment, parking nearby in a free spot. When she left the friends' place, her car was gone. It had been towed! Her friends nodded, "Yeah, sorry, if you don't have a parking tag, you get towed." 

She was amazed, "Why didn't ya'll tell me?"

Their response? "We didn't want to tell you what to do." 

What? Really? 

There are far too few people speaking truth anymore. Quite honestly, we're afraid to. Whether it's because of a relationship or a lawsuit, we'd rather "keep
the peace" please.  But the problem is that there's no truth apart from peace.

The foundation for everyone remains the same.

*You are broken. So am I. So is she. So is he. 

*You can't fix yourself. Not Buddha, not science, not technology,
not government, not karma.

*There is Only One Savior. And He came to make a way. To open the door
to a different life, a redeemed life, an abundant life. 

So, please, Creator and Sustainer, wrestle with us. Don't relinquish us to
our ignorance, our pride, our blindness. Rescue us and save us from
what we think is enough. Be our more-than-enough. Be our everything. 

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