Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Amazing Gifts

More than just a little impressed?

And this guy! Are you kidding me? How. does. one. even.

Exceptional, this runner's ability to endure.
Anyone who has ever taken part in a marathon knows that at some points you have to take a quick break. Yet for Dean Karnazes, something about his muscles allows him to run forever.
Normally, the human body gets energy from glucose, which also produces lactate. If the lactate buildup gets to be too much, the body will produce lactic acid, which causes it to shut down. Dean’s body isn’t affected by the lactate buildup, allowing him to never get tired. Dean started running in high school when he joined a track team. While the rest of his team could only do 15 laps, he did 105 before he was told to stop. Since then, he had stopped running completely until he turned 30.
Obviously interested, some scientists in Colorado tested his endurance. They said the test would take maximum 15 minutes, but he kept going on a treadmill for over an hour. Because of this unique ability, he once ran 50 marathons in 50 days.
And I am always amazed at dancers, those who can take our frail human frame and do something almost beyond human with it--such skill and control. 

Talk about a talented kid.

Such talent.
Such ability.
Such awe-inspiring gifts.

The weight of glory...

How that phrase keeps circulating.
This weight of GLORY.
And finding it's roots in Him who we celebrate.

What GLORY is this that HE who is incomparable, untouchable, uncontainable should incorporate His Deity into frail Humanity. Incomprehensible. 
And yet,
He did.
Immanuel, Messiah, "God with Us."  He came to us.

And He still does. Every fallen being who looks to his Creator 
and turns 
and seeks 
and asks,
Emily Timmer said it well, "The cup is made magnificent by the wine held inside. We are the shell that holds that pearl. The weight of Glory."
We, His sons and daughters, receive His very Spirit. God with us. God in us. His Spirit, living and breathing and moving and pouring into us
the overflow of Heaven

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