Saturday, October 11, 2014

Random Dawdle

16 Hilarious Pinterest FAILs - Nailed It (17 Pics) | Daily Dawdle

You're in for a treat today, because ideas are storming with random bits of nothing and my brain is a little like mashed potatoes from a graded stack of research essays (yes, even the English professor can say, "Blah, glad that's over!").  And honestly, today I'm just tired of thinking and fearing and pondering and planning.

Not that my posts impress you with my intellect or stun you with inspiration, but this post is going to be neither impressive nor motivational. It's just going to "be" and maybe it will make you laugh...or smile a little.

Usually I have some deep and heavy heart-aching desire to expound on the evil advances of this world, or something that needs to change or improve in myself and others. Not today. I asked my husband what I should write about and he captured my state, "Just write something light and humorous."

Well, sad to break it to him (yeah, he already knows), but my humor runs a little cynical, like laughing at the snarky comment that would make half the room walk out.

So, here goes: my rambling wanderings.

The Pinterest Fails are for all my mom friends who try--like myself--to create that perfect birthday cake for their child's birthday. Like the man said, "One does not simply recreate a project from Pinterest."  Ah, Pinterest, the bane of every mother's shame. I kid...kind of.

For homeschoolers: Yes, I was. No, I didn't. This is just funny for a whole  lot of reasons.

And now for my nursing friends: Oh, the joy of seeing what no one should. Thought this would make you laugh.

And for my logic-driven friends: hmm...

And because exaggerated hyperbole (yes, I meant to be redundant) always brings a chuckle. 
This one really does make me laugh.

Well, I'm all about staying healthy and working out--which actually is probably why I hate bodybuilding. So, these little pictures make me laugh. Sadly, many of them won't reach 50. 

Seriously, does anyone think this image is appealing. Ah, gross.

And for the mom of small children, boy, are they true.

I have gotten extremely sneaky with my dark-chocolate bars, but my kids have radar. It's their six sense.

In honor of my sweet Corbin--the last child to be weaned from the beloved "bubba."  I wish there was such a thing. 

 My husband will cringe, but I live in a town where Christmas starts on November 1st. Besides that, this chilly weather outside and  the Vince Guaraldi Trio playing on Pandora motivates the next clip. Ah, yes.

The last video I've seen numerous times, and maybe I'm just immature...maybe I can relate to the song. But I just find it ridiculously hilarious. 
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I hope you enjoyed your mindless break from the heavy of life...and maybe you broke out a little laugh. Have a fun day!

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