Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Why I Shouldn't Do Those Things

Yep, shouldn't have done it.  I knew it before I clicked the play button, but something sadistic hooked me.  It will be beautiful, I defended myself.  It will probably make me cry. It will be inspiring. 
So I watched. And watched and watched, in amazement, as this guy elaborately unraveled a stunning proposal... on the beach, no less.

This proposal involved a dance/lip sinc in the park with family and friends, letters scattered across the beach, and a video from various people, praising this girl and all her wonderful qualities.

Was it creative? Beautiful? Inspiring?  Without a doubt!

But... watching this video also generated far too much covetousness in my heart.

Now, don't get me wrong: my husband is extremely thoughtful.  He will try to take over at least one chore a night and often tells me to get out of the house and have some alone time. He's super affectionate and thankful for all I do.  He periodically even brings me flowers. He's an incredible protector, leader, and provider.  But he is not romantic or creative.  And at the end of that video, what do you think I was focusing on?  What he possessed or what he didn't?


Next web clicking that shouldn't have happened involved Living Social vacation packages.  I'm not super materialistic, at least not compared to most Americans.  I guess in light of the world, I'm materialist indeed, but that's another topic for another time.  My point is I don't need the latest fashions or manicures or dinner out all the time.  I highlight my own hair and wear jeans from my college days.

But... I love to take vacation, and no, camping doesn't count. I'm talking condo-on-the-beach vacation. When it comes to vacation, I'm a rich snob trapped in a poor woman's body.  Alas, it will probably always be a struggle to look through those vacation spots and not give a double sigh.

Since November is the month we dedicate to gratitude--boy, do I need it--I think it's appropriate to take these issues and turn them right side up.

Do I get to take a vacation to the beach every year?  No, but I've been able to go a half dozen times since I got married, and that's far more often than most families go in their lifetime.

Was my husband's proposal creative?  Well...he'll tell you himself it wasn't.  But that's just not him.  He's super steady for this emotional upheaval of a wife. And I'd take that over romance any day.

I'm not saying "don't dream"--I'm a dreamer and God uses our dreams to accomplish some incredible stuff.

 But if your dreams dampen the blessing of your reality, you'll lose touch with peace and joy. 

And who wants that?

So, this month (and every one after it) I encourage you to take those blah moments of envy or discontentment and turn it inside out, thankful for what you have been given.

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