Thursday, December 29, 2011


This last year, more than ever in my life, I've tried to be a listener--tuning my ears to God's voice. I'd love to say it's been a wild success and I'm more connected to Him than ever. I ask, and then I automatically hear. But, it's not always that way. Ahem... rarely that way.
Let's face it: this world crackles static. And my heart yells obscenities sometimes. And sometimes my spirit is clouded with shadows.

The other day I was driving. The morning stretched my willingness to proceed, be patient, or desire change (at least change in me). You know the kind. You want everyone else to change, but you feel justified in your sour attitude. That was me.

But despite my ugly spirit, God penetrated through and whispered, "Turn off the noise." I didn't want to, but I clicked off the radio. The kids were surprisingly quiet for once. I started pouring out my heart to the One that listens and knows me best. I wasn't two minutes in when my three-year-old whispered from the back, "I love you. You're my best friend."

Even now as I recall the gentle words, salt water stings my eyes. I know God prompted my little girl to speak life into my otherwise dry and overburdened spirit. Would she have said it if the radio had been on and I hadn't been praying? Maybe. Maybe. But I wouldn't have heard it the same. I wouldn't have known that God was communicating his own love to me in that moment.

I have a friend who wrote a book that focuses largely on being still before God and listening to His voice. I know it is something I need to do more and more. Every day. Every hour. Oh, how I need to hear Him.

If it matters, you make the time.

If it doesn’t, you make excuses.

The accomplishment of a day isn’t so much about accomplishing goals but abiding in God, and this is the thing that needs remembering. ~Ann Voskamp

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