Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's already broken

If you are a type-A, list-accomplishment-driven, controlling wife and mother like myself, life's difficulties can have you screaming in frustration. But as I was reading a current blog on finding peace, the author encouraged us to see the glass as already broken. When life shatters the delicate vase and leaves you with pieces, don't turn your chin up and wail. Life is already a beautifully broken mess and everything given to us, no matter how short the duration, is grace to us.


  1. You make yourself sound so terrible! Maybe at your worst you are those things (as are many of us), but they certainly don't make up all of who you are or define you.

  2. Thanks, Ann-Victoria, I appreciate your reaffirmation in who I am. Those are the worst-aspects of my personality but not the totality of who I am, especially as Christ covers me. :) Love you.