Monday, August 1, 2011

Prayers of Peace

So my last post was about a page long, but something happened to the Internet connection and it wasn't saved... alas, it is gone. :)

But I just wanted to ask that you pray for peace for some people that are on my heart.

*Dinah is a friend in the hospital right now, pregnant with their third child and only 26 weeks along. She's had some complications and has been sequestered to a hospital bed for 10 weeks. Aside from the mental and emotional strain of that situation, she also has two other children that need attending to. Thankfully, family and friends have been around to help, but it's still a trial. I applaud her faith and her attempts to continue to surrender, but please pray for her, the health of her baby, and a peace for her spirit. You can read her blog at

*I have another dear and close friend whose husband just left for four months to prep. for a Custom's job. As he's already served terms overseas, Abbie is not unfamiliar with solo parenting or responsibility. However, their second child is due in September and she's going to have to do everything on her own. Please pray for God's surrounding peace and strength as she packs up a house, raises her daughter by herself, and transitions to two children.

*Another friend is going through a sad and messy situation that has left her heart more than a little bruised. Please pray that God would restore true identity to her thoughts, peace to her heart, and wisdom for the future.

Thanks, friends.

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