Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Child of Mine

I sputter... I speak... My head pounds a dull number of frustrated rhythm and I feel a scream start to erupt in my soul.
I've just spent emotional and physical energy getting an over-cranky baby to sleep and now my toddler is fighting the nap fairies too. I can't take one more "I need..."--which really just translates into "I want something... anything... to keep you in this room with me one... more... minute." I want to rest my head, I want to do something for me, I want to read... I... I... I...

But that's not what being a parent is about.

That's not what our Parent is about.

Even though everything should point to Him and His glory--He is the one who made THE sacrifice.
He is the one who reached out first...
He is the one who graced us with love...
He is the one who ushered us into peace...
He is the one who filled our hearts...
Such love convicts me.
Reminds me.
Shows me.
Inspires me.
To love like a parent should.

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