Wednesday, June 8, 2011


An hour ago, I had to grit my teeth to keep from pulling out my hair. Anyone that has kids knows how quickly mayhem can erupt in a house. Let me pull you into the scene.
My baby was screaming, inconsolable, my daughter had soap everywhere and had just dumped a load in her diaper, chicken on the stove was threatening to burn, and my own body told me I had better quit putting off that bathroom break if I wanted to make it in time. When every child demands attention and your tasks multiple with urgency, becoming overwhelmed seems inevitable.

But you can't just stand there in indecision. You have to start somewhere, and gradually the fires are put out... even if you do burn your fingers in a few spots.

When the chaos calmed, I ambled back to the kitchen, my bladder relieved, my son asleep, my daughter playing quietly in her room (that hardly ever happens, by the way), and my meal saved from ruination. And as I stirred meat, I rested in the fact that God doesn't get overwhelmed--ever. It's hard for my finite mind to grasp, but it's true nonetheless.

Psalms 121:4 reminds us that God never sleeps; He is always watching over us.

Our God is an everlasting rock (Isaiah 26:4)
All power belongs to Him(Ps. 62:11)
He is mighty to save. (Zeph. 3:17)

I'm so thankful that my God is in control. He knows how to calm the storm, but he also knows what's best for me--and sometimes that means letting the storm rage on.

But I'm thankful for moments of craziness that remind me:
Of my weakness
my dependence
my God.


  1. i have never before thought about God NOT getting overwhelmed. i, of course, believe it... probably in a take-it-for-granted kind of way. good thought.

    reading your words reminds me that i have missed seeing you lately. :)

  2. so good. :)