Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Moment of Peace...Please, Lord.

Last night--as is typical of most nights--I had trouble going to sleep. Usually when I get my daughter to bed, I'll try to accomplish other tasks before I hit the hay myself. My husband is usually good about reining me in and making me relax for a little while. However, he fell asleep on the living room floor at 7:45 (no joke) and left me to my own devices. Trying to accomplish reading material for my short story course and finish up some books I'd been reading...as well as Internet work, my mind was still racing at 10:30 when I turned out the nightstand lamp. When I don't allow for some downtime before bed...to just be....to just rest, I find that my mind won't allow my body to sleep, as my thoughts are still playing catch-up. Failure to exercise the last three days also contributed to my restless state. As well as a neglect to spend time in God's presence and perspective.

As I was lying there, I felt an urging to get out of bed and get on my knees. Granted, I wasn't sleepy, but my body still bristled at the idea. Hardly praying on my knees anymore, I think I have often forgotten the humble submission it puts my spirit in while talking to God. So, knowing I really wouldn't rest until I obeyed, I slinked out of bed and knelt in the dark room, asking God to grant me His presence--or better understood, an awareness of his presence. Please get me back into the right proportions. Help me to rest in your perspective. To not think so seriously about myself and my obligations. Grant me your peace. Help me to sense your nearness. Thank you. The prayer was simple, brief, but God did calm my spirit. My pulse slowed, my thoughts felt less cluttered, and thankfully, I was soon able to go to sleep.

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