Tuesday, January 5, 2010

cabin fever

Not sure where your perch rests but as mine is in Missouri, we are snuggled in a fair dusting of snow. If you live further north, you probably are drenched in the frosty goodness. And although snow sparkles and purifies the winter landscape, I really, really detest cold weather and the shocking electric bills that accompany those months. My husband often has to work overnight, plowing the resort, and I feel bound to my house more than I truly like to be.

So, this Tuesday, if you can't take a little trip or it just feels too cold to make the traditional snowman or angel, try some of these fun indoor experiences.

1. Lay out a blanket on the carpet, make fried chicken (or other picnic fair) and roast marshmellows over candles (preferrably soy unscented ones) ;)
2. Try dancing to a new jazzy cd. Get your friends or kids involved. See if you can put together a short dance routine.
3. Go through old photo albums or clean out a closet and take a walk down memory lane.
4. Pick a favorite movie and make something feature in that movie. Eat it and watch the movie with a friend. *Chocolat* anyone? Mmmm...
5. Go bowling with plastic cups and a beachball. Use your hallway as the alley. Kids LOVE this one.

Any other tips for curing cabin fever?


  1. I dont have any good ideas, but I will say that today was a cabin fever day for me too! Highlight of my day? Watching the girls dance to the music in Elmo's Grouchland and an unexpected phone call from Kyle just to see how I was doing. :)

  2. Aren't those calls the best? When Aaron calls "just" to tell me he loves me, I feel like my day is made. :)

    Do you guys have snow in Texas?!