Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday: Making Memories

Last night, my family had some restorative down time, just hanging out at the house together. By evening, my husband was in a particularly organizational mood; being the opposite of a pack rat, having excess stuff suffocates him. So, he started by eliminating any Cd's we just didn't listen to anymore. Let me tell you, it was quite the process. He found Cd's I hadn't seen in six years. In the process of our elimination, we listened to some old music that used to mean something to us--some to poke fun at, some for the beat, some for the way it made us feel when we were in college. We danced and we laughed. We had silly fun together--sadly, something that has gotten pushed out because of our insane scheduling lately.

So, this week, whether you have several obligations and family members in town (yes, we do too), set aside one night just to hang with your core. Go through some old Cd's, photos, or family videos, relish the old memories and enjoy making new ones.

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  1. oh kristin, how fun and meant for one another you and aaron are! of course, i knew it from the beginning. love you all! becky