Monday, November 23, 2009

To Carry Your Love

This morning I was listening to Caedmon's Call (it's been a long time) and looking through the world vision gift catalog. This past year--and even more so in the last few months--God has been stirring my heart to see the needs of his people (most specifically of children). Perhaps it is because I am a new mom or perhaps it is because my heart has always been sensitive to the innocent, but I have been convicted about the surplus of "things" that I have when so many are without the barest necessities. Who needs another purse or pair of earrings when I can take those funds and make sure that a child has clean drinking water and food?

Although this post may not seem to line up with the theme of the blog, I'd argue that few things bring more peace, joy, or fulfillment to your spirit than giving to someone else in need. Too often the crux of our "problems" and complaints stem from a lack of gratitude and perspective from what we really have. Now, I'm not saying that there are not legitimate struggles in your life, but on the whole, Americans don't really understand what true need looks like.

So I'd challenge you to do something radically different this Christmas season. Instead of giving gifts that people don't really need or will forget about in a month, and instead of receiving more stuff you don't need, consider giving to a child this year. You can check out the World Vision page by going to In fact, you can even personalize a card to the gift honorees. May God encourage your hearts to carry His love.

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