Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Meditations

The Carpenter's song has always resonated with me as I am a lover of sunshine and weekends. So when Monday raises its unattractive face to me, I grown and want to pull the covers up higher. Monday presents me with catch-up chores, piled laundry, and "stacks" of papers to grade. And today, of course, the sun is suffocating behind grey clouds. Motivation is gone. Despite all these circumstances, I can't just whine and complain and choose not to work. Well, I guess I could. But what good would that do? The work still has to be done, and prolonging it doesn't eliminate the burden.

So, I choose to turn my heart toward God and ask Him to give me motivation for the day despite its lack of inspiration. I need hope. I need joy.
Taken from a book I am reading by Terri Blackstock is a prayer I want to share with you. Her book, Hope for the Weary: Soul Restoration, is full of short, manageable essays that take you through some of her personal experiences, relating her walk with the Lord. She begins and ends each section with a verse and prayer.
Dear Lord: How grateful I am that I can place my battered and bruised soul in your
hands and it will be healed and restored. I need that to happen every day. What a
good and faithful and discerning Father you are. I praise you for you have redeemed
me and made me your own. Lead me beside still waters and into green pastures, I
pray. Keep your hand on me and restore my soul. Amen (Blackstock 71).

"Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me."
~Psalm 51:12

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